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I'm Muhammad Nafi' Alfanthariq. A man who was born in 12 of March in 1994. I'm a software developer who have a 5 years experiences in information & technologies. I'm expert at Delphi with pascal programming language. I'm also an android developer who have 1 year experiences in android programming with Java. Furthermore, i have a basic skills in C#, Javascript and PHP programming language.

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Muhammad Nafi' Alfanthariq
Perum. Mutiara Citra Asri Blok D3/5
Candi, Sidoarjo 61271 Indonesia



University 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya

Bachelor of Information Technology September 2017

After graduating from vocational school, I decided not to go straight to college and vacuum for an academic year. And finally in 2013 I chose the University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya as a place to study in the lecture period. In this period, I have double status . Morning as worker and night as a student. A truly valuable experience, because I can learn to manage the time as efficiently as possible. 4 years ago exactly September 2017, I managed to finish my college with enough satisfaction

Vocational High School 2 Buduran Sidoarjo

Software Engineering August 2012

In 2009 after graduating from junior high school, I decided to major in software engineering at SMKN 2 Buduran Sidoarjo. In 2011, I was apprenticed in a software house owned by one of my teachers at the school. That's where my ability can be increased dramatically. During the apprenticeship, I was mandated to work on applications that would later be used by my school to digitize student assessments. Alhamdulillah, I can finished the job with the rewards a scholarship from the school.


PT. Biometric Citra Solusi (Fingerspot)

Senior Software Developer February 2013 - January 2018

I joined this company since 2013. Started career from junior programmer to senior programmer. For nearly 5 years working here, I have completed a variety of software products both tools or modules until the main software product. My main job in this company more to desktop programming, 80% of the project I'm working on using Delphi. While the other 20% use C#

PT. Reycom Integrated Solusi

Data Entry Staff Oktober 2012 - Januari 2013

After graduating from SMK in August 2012, I did not immediately go to college. In October 2012 I joined PT. Reycom Integrated Solutions from RDS Group. This is where I first became acquainted with the world of work and made it as a stepping stone. Here I work as a data entry staff for Prudential's document management services. It is somewhat distorted from my vocational education background. And in December 2013 I decided to end my working period to continue my studies.


I have some programming language skills. That is pascal, c#, java, and javascript. Bellow is my skills meter. But, i love travelling too

  • Android
  • C#
  • Delphi
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Travelling

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